Sandstone Trail Waymarker Sculpture

Sandstone Trail Start

by Stephen Charnock, 2005

"This sculpture, which marks the start of the Sandstone Trail, is made with locally sourced sandstone to represent the Sandstone Trail and wrought iron to represent features in Frodsham Town Centre. The people of Frodsham selected the design of the sculpture."

There is a plaque at the foot of the sculpture with the words:

I have arrived with my freedom intact
Listen to my voice howl
down the trail that has a start
and a finish line that all may cross.
I am freedom compressed in a cage,
one whose veins of cement
are a path that never ends.

I have the boots that walked from Bickerton
and made a footprint on Larkton Hill,
the mushroom that grew in Hether Wood,
the leaf that hung over Long lane.

I bear the white streaked reminder
of primeval desert,
terracotta skin and the smell of construction.

I have the birds that perched at Peckfortan,
the nettles that grew at Gresty's Waste,
the bees that hummed at Hampton Green,
the fir cones found at No Man's Heath.

I wear a fringe of oak leaves
borrowed from a Green Man,
a black pyramided crown
and an unseen vibration of bees.

I have the butterfly that flew to Barnhill Farm,
the binoculars that peered from Simmond's Hill.

I am the Sandstone Trail.
I am freedom in a box.

Poem written by John Lindley and children from Manley Village School to mark the unveiling of the Sandstone Trail marker in Frodsham.